Liguori’s Pizza
1360 Union Hill Rd, Suite 6-G
Alpharetta, GA  30004
(770) 667-3008


  • Easily personalized with any or all toppings available.

  • No sheet pan or aluminum foil is necessary. Just place pizza on oven rack.

  • Product responds well to all ovens. Cooking times may vary.

  • Taste of an authentic "Pizzeria" pizza with the consistency of an assembly line product.

  • Essentially no clean up required.

  • Takes the labor out of serving a high quality product from your kitchen.

  • Results can be enjoyed by either an industrial sized kitchen or at your home.

  • Product has over a 8 month freezer shelf life.



Liguori’s Pizza ●1360 Union Hill Rd. Suite 6-G ● Alpharetta, GA  30004 ● (770) 667-3008