Liguori’s Pizza
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Alpharetta, GA  30004
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Our Product

Our homemade crust is a Liguori's Pizza recipe that was originated in our "pizzeria" many years ago. The crust, is a focaccia crust style, that is purposely not too thick or paper thin. You will find that any and all ovens will bring out the flavorful crispiness every "New York" pizza boasts.

Liguori's Pizza sauce starts with a collection of some of the finest tomatoes out of California. We then add the necessary amounts of Italian spices to make up our special recipe pizza sauce.

Liguori's Pizza uses only the highest quality 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese on all pizzas.  It took us years to find cheese that met our strict quality guidelines.

With a homemade focaccia crust, fresh vine-ripened tomato sauce with a delicate blend of Italian spices, and the highest quality mozzarella cheese, we are sure these pizzas will satisfy everyone's appetite in the family.

Liguori’s Pizza ●1360 Union Hill Rd. Suite 6-G ● Alpharetta, GA  30004 ● (770) 667-3008